My scholarly interests embrace medieval literature in the Romance vernaculars and their transcultural reception history, including Dante’s Comedy and its legacies, the history of texts and their technologies, and the mechanical arts in literature from the middle ages to the early modern period.

I am currently a visiting lecturer in French and Italian at Princeton University.  I received my Ph.D.  in Italian Language and Literature from Yale University with a dissertation on the mechanical arts in Dante’s poetry.  In 2015-2016, I was the inaugural Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale where I led two digital humanities projects – The Yale Community Voices Archive and Dante at Hand.  These two projects addressed different communities and disciplines, but both leveraged information technology to enhance and expand access to digitized and born-digital special collections.  

At Yale, I helped coordinate the Digital Humanities Working Group, an interdisciplinary working group at the Whitney Humanities Center devoted to Yale’s growing digital humanities community. These efforts have enriched and enhanced my other research interest: how  material and structural changes in the reproduction, storage and transmission of texts change the ways we read, write and learn. 

My current focus is on digital scholarship design and publishing in the humanities, data analysis and visualization, and the curation and deployment of linked open data in special collections. When not working on information technology, the digital humanities, or medieval Italian literature, you will find me in Yale’s special collections, though at times I can be found on the beach in a small fishing village outside of Genoa, playing cards. 

email: caroldotchiodoatgmaildotcom

twitter: @digitaldante
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