Carol Chiodo is a writer, scholar, and educator whose work investigates how the material and structural changes in the reproduction, storage and transmission of texts impact the ways we read, write and learn. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Italian Language and Literature and is currently a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Institute of Sacred Music and the Digital Humanities Lab at Yale University.

Her research explores the interactions between literature and technology from medieval manuscript culture to the present day.  She is particularly interested in the relationship between material culture and stylistic innovation. The problem of knowledge management and the history of book, the histories of libraries, universities, and cultural institutions are also pertinent to her work. While technologies change rapidly, the humanities provide a steady vantage point from which to view not just recent developments, but also those effaced by time and obsolescence. This long view of technology takes into account centuries old craft practices and the ideas associated with them in order to better assess and debate the sweeping changes in the nature of technology that are underway.

At Yale, she has helped coordinate the Digital Humanities Working Group, an interdisciplinary working group at the Whitney Humanities Center devoted to Yale’s growing digital humanities community. Carol’s current focus is on digital scholarship design and publishing in the humanities, data analysis and visualization, and the curation and deployment of linked open data in special collections. 

When not teaching or writing on the digital humanities or Italian literature, or taking advantage of Yale’s special collections, she can sometimes be found on the beach in a small fishing village outside of Genoa, playing the card game Scala quaranta.

email: caroldotchiodoatgmaildotcom

twitter: @digitaldante

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