Carol Chiodo, Ph.D.

illustration by JoJo Karlin

Carol Chiodo is the Librarian for Collections and Digital Scholarship in the Americas, Europe and Oceania Division at Harvard University Library.

Ph.D. Italian Literature, Yale; B.A., International Studies, Fairfield University

A former book editor at Sperling & Kupfer and Frassinelli in Milan, Italy, with stints on the faculty at Princeton and Yale, Carol’s career in publishing and higher ed has been guided by her commitment to the power of literature to effect social change.

“Because I believe that the function of literature is to preside over its own graduation. What’s at stake is this almost untenable conversation between inimicals, between the interior landscape, the self-telling story, and this irrefutable outside world. If literature is presiding over this extremely volatile dilemma—our desire to be outside of material and temporal constraint, and our inability to live anywhere except inside the curse of matter—then it can provide both a complete withdrawal from the world and an imaginative return to it. Literature at its best can recast the terms of power in that conversation.”

– Richard Powers

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