I work at the intersection of archives, research and technology, building bridges between siloed scholarship and communities in order to foster dynamic and responsive knowledge networks.

Transformative innovation emerges from communities adept at sharing knowledge and practices. While this cross pollination might not occur naturally, it can be nurtured and sustained through strategic initiatives, collaboration and support. My experience working across languages, countries, and cultures has shaped how I forge new connections to strengthen the intellectual and infrastructural conditions for the future vitality of world class library collections.

At Yale, I pioneered the establishment of the digital humanities community, coordinating the Digital Humanities Working Group, an interdisciplinary working group at the Whitney Humanities Center. In 2015-2016, I received the inaugural Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the newly founded Digital Humanities Lab. There I was the principal investigator for two digital humanities projects – The Yale Community Voices Archive and Dante at Hand.  These two projects addressed different communities and disciplines, but both leveraged information technology to enhance and expand access to digitized and born-digital special collections. These efforts have enriched and enhanced my other research interest: how  material and structural changes in the reproduction, storage and transmission of texts transform the ways we read, write and learn.

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